25 in 25

When I turned 25 on April 12, I set a goal for myself: read 25 books (for fun) while I’m 25 years old. 25 books in a year… hardly a huge number, but I’m not sure if I’ve ever read 25 books in a year. Since reading has taken a backseat far too often since college, I’m making an effort to put it in the forefront.

And since I can’t stop at one good challenge, I had to make another one: watch 25 new (to me) movies while I’m 25. Believe it or not, I don’t watch many movies either, and there are so many out there worth watching. At first, I thought I’d stick to movies from IMDb’s Top 250 list, but then I decided that was too ridiculous. For one, most of those movies aren’t on Netflix, and since I don’t want to work too hard for this, Netflix options really are the best. For two, there are a lot of movies I want to watch that aren’t on the list, and it seems dumb to suck the enjoyment out of something that I’m honestly doing purely for enjoyment’s sake. Long story short, no Top 250 list for me. Therefore, if you have any recommendations, leave a comment below here or on the Movies page!


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