Contentment, revisited

Oh hey, blog. It’s been a while.

If you want to know a little something about me, just look at this blog. Not so much at the content of the posts, but at the blog as a whole. You’ll notice a girl who was really REALLY into this whole having-a-blog concept, you’ll see seven thoughtful (if I do say so myself) posts, and then… crickets. 17 months of crickets, to be exact.

I’m like that.

I get really into things, and then I just… stop. When I started this blog, I put a little list of things in that the “about me” section that told what I was trying to be better at when I was 25. If you go there now, that list is gone. Why? Because I don’t care so much about being better at (some of) those things. I’m not so into them anymore. I have new things now.

Apparently, blogging was one of my “things” back then. And for the past 18 months it wasn’t so much. Is it now one of my new things? Maybe. At least for this post it is. (How’s that for commitment?)

But here’s why I’m excited about this again: because — big surprise here — I’m still not content! I wrote this post over a year and a half ago, and it summed up the reason why I started this blog. And it still applies.

I still need to remind myself daily of all I’ve been blessed with. I still need to know, in my heart, that God loves me and can use me right where I am. I still need to rest in the knowledge that He sees every moment of my life, past and future and in between, and has it all completely under control. And I still need to believe in every instance that He is enough, forever.

Except now there’s even more.

On the one hand, while I know that I have everything I need in Christ… I also know that there is ALWAYS more of Christ to be had. There is always more beauty to see, more rich goodness to taste, more truth to hear, more peace to feel, more sweetness to inhale. It’s a little paradoxical, isn’t it? … Christ ALWAYS satisfies, and yet I will ALWAYS long for more of Him.

So that is the new spin to this blog: learning to be content where I am, because I know that I have all I need by the grace of God… while at the same time, refusing to be content with where I am, because I know that God desires to draw me closer and show me more of Himself each day.

What that will look like practically on this blog… we shall see. But I promise to try to stick around this time, if you will, too. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Contentment, revisited

  1. Oh, Darcy, you have stated so well a profound truth that many, many of us never really realize. May you, and may I, always long for more and more and never become satisfied with where we are in our walk with and understanding of him! Love you, sweetie, and always pray for you.

  2. “On the one hand, while I know that I have everything I need in Christ… I also know that there is ALWAYS more of Christ to be had.” Love that, girl! Keep it up and I’ll keep reading!!! 😉 Smooches to you!

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