80 things a wonderful grandpa does:

1. Marries a very beautiful grandma
2. Takes you for “coffee breaks”
3. Tells the hearing aid joke… over and over again
4. Invents a zip sled by attaching three skis to each other
5. Says “I’ll be dipped” until you throw him in the lake
6. Teaches you to water-ski
7. Learns to accept the fact that you will never actually enjoy water-skiing
8. Teaches you to drive the boat
9.  Gives you your first boat driver’s license
10. Puts up a stoplight in his basement so you can ride your bike on the “road”
11. Finds and refurbishes a Power Wheels Jeep for you
12. Helps you build bird houses
13. Helps you build horse stables
14. Helps you build footstools
15. Figures out the best ways to keep squirrels out of the bird feeder
16. Eats oatmeal for breakfast every single morning
17. Never figures out a quiet way to make breakfast
18. Falls asleep in his favorite recliner
19. Makes lots of stops at McDonalds for “senior coffee”
20. Builds electric shock machines
21. Buys faster boats the older he gets
22. Slalom skis for as many years as he possibly can
23. Puts chocolate sauce on his peas to get you to laugh
24. Races sailboats
25. Teaches you how to sail
26. Gets his grandkids to eat by splitting his food in half… and in half again… till it’s gone.
27. Turns alligator clips into a fashionable necklace
28. Tells you all about power plants
29. Calls potato chip crumbs “microchips”
30. Improves every meal with crunchy peanut butter
31. Takes you to the park
32. Works hard every year to make your favorite vacation spot just perfect
33. Builds great fires
34. Survives stray firecrackers
35. Plays checkers with you
36. Helps you fly wooden airplanes
37. Takes you sledding on his Flexible Flyer
38. Drinks chocolate milk with you
39.  Takes you on sunset cruises around the lake
40. Teaches you all about electricity
41. Helps you build robots
42. Lets you use a soldering gun
43. Plays on the McDonald’s Playland with you
44. Lets you cut all the pictures out of his Overton’s catalog
45. Makes friends everywhere he goes
46. Installs lots of dimmer switches
47. Chooses to leave electricity on while installing those dimmer switches
48. Survives multiple electric shocks
49. Takes you go-carting and miniature golfing
50. Tells great stories about sneaking his baby sister out of the house to go swimming
51. “Skis” behind the boat, on a disc, while sitting on a beach chair, and reading a magazine
52. Puts a motor on the diving platform and drives it around the lake
53. Helps you make jigsaw puzzles on his jigsaw
54. Rescues your toys out of the bathtub drain
55. Lets you play with his toy trains
56. Keeps pictures of his grandkids on his dresser
57. Reads dishwasher manuals for fun
58. Fixes your brakes at age 77
59. Never lets the sailboat tip when you’re on it
60. Talks to you like you’re grown up, even when you’re not
61. Loses his stuff at the bottom of the lake
62. Gives you his mother’s class ring and diploma when you graduate from her alma mater
63. Shares devotions around the table
64. Dresses up as Santa for Christmas
65. Pulls you along the beach countless times on water skis
66. Helps you launch a giant hamster wheel across the lake
67. Gambles foolishly while playing Can’t Stop
68. Lets you build canoes out of his old boxes
69. Puts in the pier and shore station year after year
70. Reaches out to his neighbors
71. Watches the dozens of shows and parades put on by his grandkids
72. Lets you leave all your Barbie stuff on the beach after you build them houses in the sand
73. Puts up shelves in your room for your 12th bithday
74. Babysits you when your parents are gone, even if you cry the whole time
75. Situates his beach chair right on the edge of the pier and sleeps in it
76. Fixes the pier every time it breaks
77.  Loves your grandma
78. Raises his kids to be fantastic parents
79. Loves his God and teaches his children and grandchildren to love Him too
80. Takes the time to talk to and know his grandchildren
Happy 80th Birthday, Grandpa! I love you!!


6 thoughts on “80.

  1. Trying to choose my favorites. Impossible. You have captured the love that Grandpa has for his grandchildren in this post!! Thanks for writing it…he’s going to LOVE it!

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